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concern w new car
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Hey guys just picked up my new suby yesterday however it seems to have som e Issues . First off, to make it legal to sell they took it to a muffler shop and added a resonator after the cat and before the mufflers.... is that how the car is stock? When i first test drove it last week it didnt have this resonator and the car sounded like a wrx now its dead quiet which is fine for now... number two, in low rpms around 2k if im going up a hill or sometimes on flat ground, as i start to give it gas it will buck like its running out of gas a few times and then go???? Wtf.... and number 3 the power band is not smooth at all it has a couple dead spots where it almost seems the car is pullin massive amount of timing to protect it...again wtf? Do you think this could be something simple like spark plugs? Wrong grade of gas. Dirty air filter? Or something more serious? Not sure if it needs a tune or if it was tuned before and the adding of resonator messed it up? Thank u guys in advande for the help.... oh and stock psi was just below 1 bar in most gears
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