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Let me start out by saying even though I still don't have my P0021 code figured out yet, this thread is another reason why I love this forum. Super helpful information with a simple search.

I've been working on this thing for a few days now following suggestions found in this thread and still haven't been able to find the problem. Any suggestions you fellas might have will be much appreciated. I'll start with what I know....

-P0021 - Bank 2 (driver side)
-New short block, it's been in about a week.
-Idle's fine, no stalling problems, drives fine (granted it is a base map for engine break in)
-Replaced both OCV's with new ones from the dealership.
-Using the AP I can see AVCS In. Right (passenger side) move in rhythm with accel and decel with a range of 0-30.
-AVCS In. Left (driver side) holds a value of 0 and will occasionally read 1 for a brief second on decel.
-Swapped sides on new OCV's to see if issue would follow. Issue stayed on Left (driver) side. Same readings on AP as before.
-Banjo bolt filter on passenger side was removed years ago, removed driver side banjo bolt filter from bolt on top of the driver side OCV tonight and it was not clogged.
-Compared voltage in OCV clips, Right side vs Left side, both recorded the same from what I could tell.

Still scratching my head trying to think through the process of what could cause this or where I should look next to help narrow it down. Any suggestions?