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Here's some of the dumb questions I asked Dan of Mach V:

from dan (my Qs are preceded by '>')
> What about the 91 octane mode? Do you guys program for that just in
>case that's the only fuel rating available when I travel

Yes, I can supply you with a down-tuned map, no additional charge.

> If I have to return the car to stock (e.g., going to the dealer or during
> emissions tests), will I throw codes if I have the HFC-DP installed?

You may throw codes with the high-flow cat installed. Usually these are not
constant, but they can come on intermittently. The emissions testing
station does not care or know you have a Cobb AccessPort on the car, so
there's no reason to un-install it for an emissions test.

Installing the aftermarket downpipe will be $190 in labor, assuming it bolts
directly to the cat-back. What downpipe are you planning to install? Do
you already have a cat-back exhaust?

I can make a map for any combination of hardware, but I do the tuning in
real time -- that is, I will tune for the hardware that is on the car at the
time of the tuning session. If you want a map for a high-flow cat, plan to
have that cat on the car at the time of the tuning session.

> How do you guys compare to shops like PTuning and Agile Performance?

I don't frequent those places, so I can't really comment on them, but I
doubt there's anyone in this region with more Subaru tuning experience than
we have. We tune and service Subarus just about every day, and I've been
dyno tuning these cars since they came here in 2002.

Stop in or give a call if you'd like to talk more.