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I've been having a similar issue with my 2012, granted it's not to the extent of your problem but I've had few times at the light where I'll roll to a stop and idle fine for about 10-20 seconds then get a quick shudder then back to normal. I can get this to repeat on a normal basis when stopped on a hill here in town that has a 15-20 degree grade to it. Pull up to the light, brake, 15-20 seconds and I'll get a quick hesitation then back to normal idle. On one occasion I got a quick check engine light but never threw a code when checked by the dealer and their explanation was that I was letting the car roll back on the CVT, which I don't but they recommended using the "hill holder" function to prevent that. I tried it, didnt work so now I'm at a loss as to whats up with my car as well. Might be a similar problem so I'll be watching this one.