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OFFICIAL: LGT JDM Rain Visor Group Buy Thread
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This is now the "OFFICIAL" LGT JDM Rain Visor Group Buy Thread!

Please be sure to read all of the details of this group buy thread!

  • Group Buy will run for 2 weeks. Closing date will be 09/21/12 @ 2400 hours.
  • Rain Visors are coming to us by Ocean Freight. This will take approximately 6-8 weeks (I put longer just to be on safe side). This is much safer than air freight, as we've received them by air freight in the past and the visors were broken. So therefore, Ocean Freight is the shipment method of choice for these.
  • Payments must be made in FULL. The funds will be held in a separate paypal account we have set up for group buys, therefore if an issue were to arise, we can instantly refund your money. There are no exceptions to this. Everyone knows that these are not stocked anywhere and it is a big process to make this happen, trust me lol.
  • Once Group Buy is FINAL and order is completed for shipment, there will be NO REFUNDS. You will only receive a refund if the product is damaged/destroyed, but the products will be insured by the shipping carrier.

  • 05-08 LGT Sedan [E3617AG000] - $315 Shipped US48 (MSRP $325 plus s/h)
  • 05-08 LGT Wagon [E3617AG010] - $315 Shipped US48 (MSRP $325 plus s/h)
  • 09-12 LGT Sedan [E3617AJ000] - $430 Shipped US48 (MSRP: $430 plus s/h) I believe we'll be the first to have these...
  • 09-12 LGT Wagon [E3617AJ300] - $430 Shipped US48 (MSRP: $430 plus s/h) I believe we'll be the first to have these...


1. Bbc84 (08 LGT) - PAID
2. mr_hicksta (08 LGT) - PAID
3. ticklelgt (08 LGT)
4. JPH102900 (10 LGT)
5. .:Catalyst:. (06 LGT)) - PAID
8. .blackgt. - PAID
9. scoobyjohn - PAID
10. brooklyngenius - Invoice Sent
12. ScubieSteve08 - PAID


1. BarManBean (05 Wagon)
2. legacy360 (05 Wagon) - PAID
3. derp (05 Wagon)
4. Rester5350 (06 Wagon) - PAID
5. dryvby (05 Wagon) - PAID
6. LosAngelesLGT (05 Wagon)
7. Geoff400 (05 Wagon)

Final Notes:
  • As far as I know, these will be the only LGT rain visors coming to the US anytime soon, so do not miss out on this! This shipment is being made solely for us, so it will be months down the road before they become available again.
  • Overseas Freight has increased drastically, so I did my best to save you guys on Freight to us and Shipping to you. That is bottom line, the biggest hassle and expense of these is related to Freight and Shipping. And even as of today, that total cost was increased to me.
  • The Shipped Prices are the lowest around, especially being "Shipped" pricing. Most retails have to add another $30+ to the list pricing, so you are saving quite a bit. If you have any questions in regards to this, I will be more than happy to update you!
  • There is currently a tentative list, which I assume will change depending on who is serious about buying a set. Please either post on this thread or PM me! I will then send a payment invoice via paypal.

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