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Cant get more than 300 wheel out of the FP68HTA
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Hi Guys,

My car is a 05 LGT Manual. I have a problem i cant figure out.

My setup is the FP 68HTA. However, I am having trouble breaking 300/300 wheel on the airboy road dyno. I see similar threads like littlebluegt's thread where he was easily up above 350wheel and i also see here that ridgeracer or is also road dynoing 350 or so wheel WITHOUT METH.....

My setup is:

Process West TMIC
Invidia divided 3 inch DP catless, full 3 inch catback exhaust
TGV deletes
Deutchwerks 300lph pump, 750cc DW injectors
Airbox Lid removed with K+N filter
50/50 or 60/40 water meth injection M7 nozzle
aftermarket up pipe catless

Now the problem is that I am able to run the same if not more timing that what littleblueGT has in his thread, say 15 degrees peaking up to like 23-25 degrees, with a indicated AFR of 12-12.5.. boost is 20psi.
However, the best logs i can do on road dyno are about 280tq and 310 whp. I am at a loss as with this much timing and that lean of AFR i should be making more power. The only thing i can think of is that i have some sort of restriction, however i doubt the stock airbox with K+N and lid removed is causing this. I also have the stock rubber inlet on the turbo could this be collapsing? I am going to get a aftermarket silicone inlet and the kstech 73mm CAI but i still dont see these as causing a restiction.
Anyone have any other ideas.

The other thing I dont have are headers. I have stock manifolds, but even so i should be pushing more power i would think.

60-80 times on road dyno are only 2.45seconds.
The engine also has fresh mahle pistons, compression and leakdown were just checked and are in spec along with new sparkplugs.

I will post logs and pictures of the graphs today after work. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
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