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Originally Posted by paintpollz View Post
BarMan I can't believe your car wasn't making knocking noises with your belts that bad. When my alt belt needed replacing the car was knocking like I spun a bearing, and it wasnt even half as bad as yours were.
Yeah, they were a damn mess. When I had my tires swapped to new wheels a month or so back they let me know that they were in rough shape so I ordered some new ones and threw them in the trunk. I carry tools usually so could have changed them road side if I had to.

I only noticed a slight squeal starting the other day so figured it was time, had no idea the belt was going to be split entirely in two. It must have split in just the right spot though, all of the "teeth" (or at least what was left of them) were still running in the right grooves and what not.

The new belts felt like velvet compared to the old ones. I marked the spot on the tensioners with a sharpie before loosening anything up and tightened everything back to the same spots--no noise, no drama--all seems well
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