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Title: Burn Money Until it Works
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I'd check the gas, when I got my subbie from texas it had a cel code, it drove me crazy figuring it out, and finally i realized let me try something simple. So I put in 93 octane, and the light went away. The dealership isnt going to put in premium gas ever, and I bought mine at a subaru dealership, and they used regular gas just the same. If its the code about being to lean then its ur octane level.

What sound does metal in a pencil sharpener make, serioiusly. I'm trying to picture it in my head but I am drawing blanks.

If the battery is bad , the ecu will keep resetting.

When my timing belt went bad, the car would not start, period. But driving with bad timing could damage valves i thought.

Being that you pulled a tranny control mod error........I'm praying for ya!

Either way, buying a new or used car shouldnt be this difficult. You didnt buy it as is or at a salvage yard, so you should expect a car in working condition. But the real world is far from ideal.

Lemon Law applys to NEW cars only, to my recollection. So unless you bought it with a warranty you might be SOL. Hopefully you didnt sign that "AS IS" piece of paper!!!

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