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Originally Posted by twisty View Post
car is running great, but i think the timing belt i chose is giving me a whine or three now that its run a while. kind of annoying but i guess ill have to deal with it for a while.

the grounding kit has been done but i havent really seen much change to anything with it. i think im going to revisit the original points and see how badly they are worn/ connected to see if that matters.

now, for another dumb question. are the exhaust ports for the 2.2 and 2.5 the same? as in, will the header for one fit the other? im not sure if i want to bother with a header on my car, but it is a pretty cheap option overall i think. decent ones can be had for under 200 bucks from what ive seen. anyone have a header of choice that they have used or think would be a good fit?
For the grounding kit to work effectively, it is imperative that all the ground points in the engine bay are as free of rust as humanly possible. Upon doing this, I noticed a significant change in the clarity of my radio & less hesitation when I start the car.

For the exhaust ports, it goes like this.
EJ22E from 1990 to 1995 have dual port like ALL EJ25Ds while the 1996-2001 EJ22E/2 all have single port for the exhaust part of the cylinder head.
If you want to buy an exhaust header that works VERY WELL for TQ & sounds excellent, the EBay UEL header will do. It has to be muscled in a little bit but it is an incredible piece. Good welds, stainless steel, good quality all around. I'd grind away at the inner excess piping for more flow though. Wrap it with heat wrap. It increases the under-hood temperature.

^ - What the UEL eBay manifold looks like when it's installed.

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