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The engine, trans, diffs haha

Well, I'd go through and replace any leaking
seals on the engine, transmission or diffs. Then
I'd do new fluids for the brakes and diffs. Make
sure your steering rack boots aren't ripped and
if they are, clean the areas, regrease and replace
the boots. If it's an auto and they didnt replace the
trans filter when they flushed it I'd drop the transmission
pan, save the fluid, replace the filter, clean the magnet
and refill it with trans fluid. Check the brake pads to make
sure the calipers are working with pretty close to even
pressure on both sides and make sure the boots on the
pistons on the calipers are intact. I'd check ball joints and
outer tie rod ends to make sure they are in decent shape.
You can bounce the car and see if the struts are ok. With
that many miles they've probably been replaced before so
you're probably good there.

I'm sure someone else will chime in with more stuff, but that's
what I can think of off of the top of my head.

Unfortunately all brush guards are custom :/ There is a "skid
plate" you can get from the early 90's Subaru GL that I believe
will bolt right up, but as I haven't seen any on these cars and
have only heard about the skid plate I cant verify that, but I've
been looking for one myself.