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Originally Posted by UTwrestler22 View Post
Pff haha. Yeah what people say on a car forum matters. A VAG COM is like 10 bucks i was only joking... a little. Id still buy it. And everything else... Just cause i dont sit around allll day on a forum and don't know "forum edicate" that you forum whores made up, feel free to rip it up all day. OOOO he didnt use the search. Just thought maybe someone with exact experience in the place I LIVE SPECIFICALLY would help someone out rather than post whore. Got anything else planned for the week?
Originally Posted by UTwrestler22 View Post
You should respect and educate those less knowledgable than you if you have any character. Not degrade and mock. is a forum so rip on
Not to shit on you any more, but they did answer your questions, they were just not the answers you wanted to hear. These guys have saved my ass a TON and I would listen to anything they say.

Have fun with you honda, i mean race car, i mean *impregacy... Just messing with you bro, I hope you can enjoy your car now!

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