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Originally Posted by Jace2010LGT View Post
When I did my alignment I set my car at .10 per side rear toe and .05 per side fr toe with .02 per side fr camber. These are all positive numbers. I used these setting because I spend most of my time on the interstate and value good tracking. Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Good information though I have another lady hit a "step-up" where they were working on the freeway and took out the right front tire (big bulge on the outside) and bent the rim on the inside. Took the car to the dealer and had the tire replaced and the car had a harmonic "moaning noise"....turned out they didn't mention the bent wheel to her as "it balanced ok"....back to the dealer and they moved the wheel to the rear (noise followed) and ordered a new with a new tire and wheel and fresh alignment the car is very twitchy...I assumed from lack of toe as your info question is, what affect does the camber have? Her right front is adjusted to -1degree 42min and that's the best they say they can are telling her that she might need to replace the strut and or, a-arm. Car drove fine before the alignment so not sure if she is being led down the merry path or what. Specs before alignment Front Camber -0.11 L -2.23 R Caster 5.41 L 5.18 R Toe -0.14 L -0.19 R Rear Camber -0.19 L -1.29 R Rear Toe -0.01 L 0.06 R The after figures are the same with the exception of front toe is no set at 0 L & R and RF Camber is now -1.42 degrees. Any input would be appreciated...I plan to have the toe re-set but want to know the pros and cons of too much camber in the front (rears allow -1.55 degree as factory spec). Also, can alignment bushing fix the front camber if it is an issue or is she looking at big $$ for struts and such on a car with less than 5k on it? Thanks...