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Jerky 5-speed manual
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I posted this in the Transmissions forum, but wasn't getting any feedback. Hope somebody here knows what's going on:

My 03 Legacy is getting real jerky on acceleration and deceleration in a super-sensitive way that I can't smooth out. It's not so much a clutch-engagement issue (as far as I can tell) as it is a throttle issue. When I let off the gas in gear, the driveline is noticeable thumpy and jerky. When I accelerate in gear it jerks again. It's far more pronounced in lower gears, especially in stop and go traffic -- like if I'm driving in first or second gear and throttling on and off without using the clutch, it's real jerky. It's less jerky in higher gears. Also, it seems worse when the A/C is on. Would a gear-oil change help at all, or is this caused by some other issue? I've also suspected maybe the driveshaft/u-joints? I'm at 154K and the original clutch. It's just very sloppy overall, when it used to be much tighter. I've had the car since 19K miles.
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