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There were no pieces of turbo in the cat---my assumption was wrong (not the first or last time on that)

I agree with VermonGT...when I called Subaru to check on a new down pipe and a new turbo (more on that later), they told me to go fly a kite.

The turbo is toast, verified via removal. Pretty sure the block will be OK. The reason these things go is because the oil gets to the turbo last. That oil is not always clean and pure. It then goes to the pan where it is lightly strained and then goes to the filter. I found an oil routing diagram and confirmed this.

The intake impeller was still good, but the shaft had been snapped so the exhaust impeller was loose, meaning the bearings had siezed. Impeller was pretty much whole, so I'm pretty confident that not much made it to the pan. If I can get my hands on an engine lift, I'll drop the pan to make sure. Since there's a strainer and a filter to go through before the oil gets back to the engine, I'm going to give it a shot and baby it for a short time and then change the oil again and cut the filter open to see what's up.

Now just waiting for parts to arrive. New downpipe has already arrived, but that will be the last thing to go in, so I just get to stare at it for a week...

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