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Originally Posted by rapture View Post
i don't see how that thing isn't gonna get raped by the slave cylinder right underneath....if my perrin has got a lil rub that thing should have a hole in it by next month...
The core is longer but narrower than the stocker, and sits further back. If you look carefully there's more of a gap between the core and IM, and less gap between core and bulkhead. The front bracket bolts through the slave cylinder and has a roughly 25mm standoff below it, so no way can the IC touch the cylinder. It's bolted solidly to the engine and tranny, independent of turbo alignment, and can't move a millimeter. Good thing because the brackets are a PITA to install.

One thing I really like is the perfectly straight shot from end tank to TB... dead straight hose. No fiddling around finding the right angle to mount the hose at.

On the downside, forget about accessing the clutch master cylinder, engine harness plug or your WBO2 sensor with the IC in place. The transmission dipstick can be rotated forward.

I have a turbo blanket under the stock heatshield. In an hour of suburban driving, a few short pulls and a lot of idling while looking at data, I didn't feel the IC core was any hotter than the stocker would be. Turbo end just warm enough that you wouldn't leave your hand on it too long, the other end very cool. Subjective input, YMMV etc.

I think the FMIC vs. TMIC argument is valid, but this isn't the place for it. While there's little argument that a FMIC offers great advantages in cooling and almost zero heatsoak, some people won't cut their car up to that point. Of course a TMIC is a compromise with faults. I rarely have to sit in traffic as I don't commute, so the heatsoak is less of a concern to me than it would be for others. Remember I'm in a WRX and traded the LGT's swish interior and better sound insulation for the bigger hood scoop. I'm also not running a big turbo, high power setup.
Obligatory 'build thread'
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