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Had my roadforce balance today, The car drives much better, however the brakes still shake, the subaru dealer did not experience the shaking when pressing the brakes. There is still a slight vibration while driving, the technician said it was due to "choppy" tread on the inside of my tires, likely due to my driving habits or I may need an alignment.. I'm going with driving habits since my car runs straight as an arrow... Is there a way to avoid this? (Other than changing the way I drive)

They said everything on my car looked good, there was substantial even tread-ware on the tires, the rims were not bent, and all of the front suspension looked great.

Now, Solutions?

I was thinking about re-bedding in my brakes, I did the 3 stops from 50, 3 stops from 40, then cool procedure, is there a better way to attempt this?

Regarding the choppy tread, the only thing I can think of that could effect this is tire pressure, any recommendations?