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05' Legacy needing some TLC - Hello!
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Hey what's up guys? Firstly I'd like to say thanks for being such an awesome go-to place for information on anything pertaining to Subaru's in general. Even with my old 01' Outback SUS I'd come here for general technical info and normally walk away more informed than I could hope.

Here's the new one -

Now when I bought this car it was listed as having all major servicing done and the headgaskets had just been replaced. It was going for 7450. He dropped it to 6800 and I took out a 5,200 loan to pay it off and did the remainder as a down-payment.

After making it almost home from the dealer (who is about an hr away) the check engine light came on. Worth noting the car had JUST received a sticker from the garage who was servicing my loan and was holding the car from the dealer.

After speaking with the on the phone he said to bring it by when I can and he'd check it out. So I did, and his assistant basically ran an OBDII reader on it and cleared the codes without even putting any interest into what the code was, muttering something about it being an emissions code when I asked what the code was.

After he did that the car immediately had issues trying to start and would basically want to stall out when I was in first gear / reverse for a good while. He claimed it was the battery. I read online that if you do a hard reset to clear codes it will reset your air sensor information and that's what caused my issues.

ANYWAYS, not only that but the car was also billowing out occasional plumes of semi-transparent white smoke. He said it was probably residual from the oil leak from the headgaskets (which they also did a poor job of cleaning, as there is left-over pools of oil in some spots of the engine and it's literally caked all over the bottom of the car). If you look under the car you can see it everywhere, predominantly (if facing the front of the car) on the bottom left side around where the left exhaust starts and such.

This has had me also worried as I don't know if it's still leaking or if it is honestly just residual burning off.

I'm still having issues with the engine at low RPMs and had the check engine light come back on shortly after he reset it, so I took it to an advanced auto parts (who were surprisingly cool enough with me just borrowing it and pulling the code). P0607 was the code I pulled, obviously a big slap in the face because it's the ECM. I did read around that it could be the battery, which is a 490 CCA that was reading 314 on a battery test, so I bought a 640 CCA and put that in since I'd have to get to it sooner than later. Didn't really solve my problem with the car wanting to stall but it's not as apparent now so.. ?

Lastly I'm now getting a clicking sound from my front-left, sounds almost exactly like a cane tapping and seems to be a revolving sound.. which has me also pretty worried as it's becoming gradually more intense. When I bought the car it was not making this sound.

So here I am, nearly piss-broke because of this new car, with my first payment fast approaching on the 7th, and only 500 miles on it so far. I have a warranty on the engine/transmission which is 50% of all work covered by the dealer, and that goes at 1k miles or June 8th. He's giving me the option of driving it to his mechanic (whom I don't really trust at this point) and he can work on it but I don't really know what he means by that, he said he would help me out but I don't know to what extent.

Any advice guys? I need to obviously make some fast and decisive actions right now but unfortunately most include using up cash I don't have. The entire point of me getting this car was because it was supposed to be in great shape, and I wanted to invest in something that would be good for a long time before needing some work, otherwise I would've just bought another 2-3k subaru outright and avoided this mess.
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