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Twisty's Dumb Questions (aka Smokey's progress thread)
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so, i always have dumb questions to ask, and lately they are all about my subaru i recently bought. im no stranger to tools, i grew up tearing apart cars for fun and profit. in my past, iverebuilt a 70 maverick, 74 nova, 73 coronet, 80 datsun 210, many different 260 and 280Zs, all kinds of impalas and other chevys, a 79 step-side 4X4, 80 cadillac, celicas, and more recently a 98 civic hatchback and this new (to me) legacy. i love working on cars, i hang out at my best friends shop and work on his customers cars just about every weekend. he gets free labor and i get to play with peoples cars.

so, heres a short list of things ive done, want to to and have questions about.

finally bought wheels and tires.
did the MSD coil mod.
ground kit
"sport" mode
springs/ struts for stiffer ride and lower stance.
11.4" brake upgrade
passenger window regulator fix

thats about all i can think of so far. now, for a dumb question. i found a 97 impreza wagon (im assuming base model, it has drum brakes on the rear end) that has front end damage, but the engine is pretty much complete. besides the oil cap, the only missing part i saw was the coil/ wires that i took off of it. what i cant figure out is what engine that sucker has, i dont know how to tell the difference yet. there were a few options for that year, but how do you tell which one it is? i cant seem to find the block mark that tells me anything. even on my engine (ej22) the block marak is partially covered by accessories, makes me angry. also, as far as i can tell, the window regulators are the same. the impreza is a 5MT, would it swap right over to my 4AET if i were so inclined?

also, someone had asked me for a pic of the MSD coil so here it is.

ill likely use this thread to ask a bunch of dumb questions as i try to learn more about the boxer and legacy, as well as post pics of my escapades and upgrades. if this annoys you, dont bitch at me, i have an overactive mind and not enough outlets for it.
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