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#1: 05-10-2012, 12:03 AM
Just picked up a '05 OBXT and it tripped a P0021
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New to the family. Just picked up an 2005 OBXT from a used car dealer with 104k on it. Had test driven it once before with no engine light. Last night I test drove it once more before buying it and no light. Bought it and drove it about an hour to McDonald's where I stopped on the way home. Started it up a few min later to head home and a couple minutes into the drive the check engine light came on. I have driven it a couple of time since and ran over to Autozone to find out the code is P0021 and no others. The light stays is on consistently. I have no service history, oil on dipstick is clean, engine runs smooth, slight turbo lag (but definitely getting boost), everything appears stock. Had a friend who knows engines very well listen to it and he felt that it was running fine. I read some here, and looked for the banjo filters. Pulled the vertical bolt on the drivers side where I think it is supposed to be and there is no filter in the bolt (already removed?).

There is all kinds of advice here, but I need to know quickly if I need to try to get my money back (don't really want to since my trade in barely ran and kinda love the xt), or buy one of those crappy $400 extended warranties. I need to know within hours since once the dealer submits the paperwork to the sec of state he says I can no longer buy the warranty. May already be too late.

Anyone have any thoughts? Anything I can do quickly to determine how bad it is?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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