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Originally Posted by seabass07 View Post
Do it without spinning any wheels.
This. And don't be an idiot about the revs either.
The stock stall speed is around 3500rpms, which is considered high stall. Most autos out there have a lower stall speed.
If you hold the brakes and press the gas a bit, the revs will climb up and hold to around 2000-2500rpms. This is enough to get rid of the slack in the system and possibly be close to positive boost (out of vacuum). You can get a fairly good launch at this point.

If you press the gas pedal further down, boost will build and the revs will climb and hold at around 3500 and the car will start to squat pretty good and you will be struggling a bit to hold the brakes.
At this point you are running a good possibility of spinning at least one wheel when you take off and there is a chance something may break. And you WILL take off like a bat outta hell.

If at this point you STILL continue to hold onto the brakes and the gas pedal is pegged, from what others have reported the revs will climb to 4K and at this point you're running a pretty good chance shit will break, from what has been reported.

In my experience the best way to get a good launch and leave the hole out in a moderate hurry or at least good enough to overtake another car is to hold the gas and hold the revs at or under 3K not for too long.

If you are at the dragstrip, are looking for the best 60' times and the best launch and are willing to risk a grenaded center diff or other things OR you have a modded tranny that can take it, then by all means launch under boost at around 3500rpms.

Outside of this, there should be no reason for you to launch any higher than that unless you are doing testing and trying to find out at what point exactly the transmission grenades. If you do, please let us know as we would like to find this out as well

I have launched the car a few times at 3500rpms and although it was awesome, almost every time one of the wheels chirped when I let go of the brakes. Nowadays IF I have to leave from a stop in a hurry for whatever reason, I just hold the gas to get rid of the slack until the point that the car feels like it starts to squat, at around 2500rpm and that is plenty to impress the guy in the riced out Civic next at the light. When you let go you will be in boost almost right away.

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