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Originally Posted by SubieDriver View Post
But it is going to be a DIT, not a GT - Direct Injected Turbo.
(maybe it'll sell better than the GT...)

I can't wait till it gets here (in sedan form)! (not that I could afford it yet, but it'll give me incentive to set money aside.)

Edit: I'm looking forward to seeing it with a performance-based CVT setup. I drove an Outback loaner w/ CVT while my Tribeca was in for service, and it was rather hesitant to "downshift" to get the revs up so I could get moving quickly. I resorted to a couple downshifts with the left paddle before accelerating.

I suppose it was somewhat similar to my Tribeca in normal mode - hesitant to downshift unless you really put your foot into it - which is why I usually run either in Sport or Manual-shift mode.

I really hope they have a Sport mode for the new CVT. (are you listening SOA?!?!?)
If you click the link in the OP it says "Legacy GT DIT". DIT is the engine technology, GT is the trimline.

In no world can the disconnectedness of a CVT ever be sporty though. Sure, it might provide some better fuel economy. But when I'm shopping for a sporty car, that's really not on the top of my priorities, especially if you can still get more or less the same mileage in a standard transmission.