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Elusive Front End Clunk
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Sorry if this became a little long winded, but I appreciate you guys looking through this.

So for a while now I've noticed a "clunking" noise coming from what sounds like the driver's side front end. It's most noticeable at typical surface road speeds (30-45 mph or so) over longer stretches of broken pavement, sort of small jarring bumps that don't really cause the suspension to articulate but just kind of bump it around (or going over railroad tracks, that sort of thing). At its worst I feel like I can also feel it rattling a little through the floor under the dead pedal.

The roads in New York are an absolute disaster, and so I thought I might have snapped an end link (they're still factory). So when I took it to the dealer for the most recent oil change I briefly described the sound to the service manager who wrote me up, and asked if the tech could just take a look and see if anything was obviously broken. When I got the car back, the service writer told me the tech had found a "broken front stabilizer linkage" which I took to mean the factory end link. They [obviously] offered to fix for me before I left, but I declined, as the car was going to an independent Subaru shop soon for its 60k service and I thought I'd just have them fix it instead with better aftermarket parts.

However, when I did take the car to the independent shop for service I mentioned this to them when they started work. When the tech came in to talk to me a little while later, he told me that he had looked over the front suspension while the car was on the lift and couldn't find anything broken or any torn bushings or damage to the struts that might cause the noise. They took it around the block and over some broken pavement and couldn't hear the noise at all. Now I trust these guys, so if they say nothing was broken I believe them (and wouldn't put it past my dealership to try to sell me on fixing something that wasn't broken) and when I left the shop I couldn't really hear they clunking anymore either. I heard it very faintly a few times on my way home, but it seemed much quieter and less frequent than before. But over the next several days I began hearing it again as it was before, and though its not a constant sound it's back to almost constant as it was before my 60k.

So my question is, any idea where to go from here? I'm inclined, like I said, to take the word of my independent shop's techs that nothing was broken, but something definitely isn't functioning properly under there. They said they were more than happy to take another look if it got worse again, but if I bring it back I'd like to be able to give them something more to go on. I was interested in upgrading my sways and end links anyway, but I don't want to do any upgrades that might exacerbate the problem before I figure out what's going on.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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