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#1: 04-26-2012, 08:53 AM
Anyone have a 3" DP to stock CBE? Need help tracking down exhaust noise.
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Trying to find other humans with my setup. I have a divorced perrin DP thats mated to the stock CBE. I have exhaust drone, and I'm trying to pin it down, before I start ripping apart the entire exhaust system.

Its like unecessary drone between 2500 and 3800 rpm. Anything above that or below it, it sounds normal. It sounds like its coming from the drivers side of the car, but that might just be because I'm sitting on that side. I'm pretty sure its a different noise then the growl that the Dp makes at WOT, as the noises together are different sounding. Gotta figure out a way to track it down. Its tough because I never noticed it when I swapped in the perrin Dp, but that could just be because I wasn't paying attention.

stock headers, stock up, catted divorced perrin DP to stock CBE. If you guys could give me places to start, that would be great. I originally thought it could be a rotten gasket somewhere, but Lardo had that happen and said the noise was terrible all around. This is just bad between 2500-3800 rpms.
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