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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
I'm super new here, but I'm old hat to car forums, I skimmed the rules....

I have one beef: It's damn near impossible to browse wheels (for example) when people don't put the location in the title as they are supposed to. I have this issue with larger items that are expensive to ship on some other forums.

Am I the only one that this annoys?

The solution as I would suggest it, would be to add a sticky user classifieds section to each region based forum, so folks can do a fun road trip to score parts. I know I'd bounce 100 miles down to Seattle in a heartbeat for some nice 18s. And there is no way I would go looking for a box and truck service to ship a bumper skin or a hood to someone. OFC the existing classifieds wouldn't need to change, it just offers users a way to double post and cover a larger area.
Welcome to the site - glad you could join us.

Yes - it's an irritant, and why we have this as a requirement for each FS thread, including WTB items. Some members aren't yet used to this process, but they get there over time, and the mods are pretty-well on-top of the reminders...

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
I have another suggestion that may help the forum, unless I missed it somewhere or it's been tried and failed for some reason.

Buyer and seller rating threads stickied in the classifieds.
This assumes a mod or well trusted user will maintain it.

Works like so: A person makes a buy or sale, the other party was not a flake, the item was as advertised, so they rate the other person in the thread, and the main post is edited to reflect the number of good or bad transactions a person has as a seller or buyer.
It's called iTrader and it's incumbent upon each of the parties (buyer and seller) to initiate it. The link to your iTrader is immediately below your profile information to the left of your post. You currently have 0 iTrader status - so get buying and selling...

Originally Posted by Loki View Post

The noobie restriction is a good idea. I think another way to feel them out easily would be to have 2 good purchases to their name, a good buyer is often also a good seller.

(ironically my 10th post, and the first one of any potential use)

Hopefully, and it's honestly what I would look for as a potential "buyer" of another's parts, a new member is inclined to add their contribution(s) to the site. Do others know them, are they active participants, on and off the site, or did they simply register to buy/sell on the site? So it's to a new member's advantage to step-up and add some value/contribute technical and content information to the site IMHO. It benefits the site, and creates that necessary "good member" sense about that seller.
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