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Hey all,

I recently got a reply on this topic from the post I made at, so thought I would check this thread also. Was surprised to find it on the first page.

Anywho, here's the direct link to the post:

Pilgrim 54 here FINALLY FINALLY Got somewhere with this issue!!! After 11 months. Learned to live with the surging but new problem developed. Cruise would shut off on it's own after being on 20 to 45 minutes. Once this happened cruise refused to stay on. Took it in for repair of surging as well. They offered to let me drive several '06s. I took out THREE of them!!! ALL of them had the surging problem. Two standards and one auto.
Don't tell me no one else has the problem. If you've not experieced this you'd have no justifiable input. This on/off again throttle is severe enough that it will make your head go back and forth. People riding in your car think you're spastic! While on a test drive I looked over at the tech and HIS head was going back and forth!! Sort of a Subaru wave going on here. The official response was "cruise working as designed". However the tech investigated his new Subaru Tech Assistance Bullitans and found A NEW repair for this problem. So go , children, pursue your dreams of a smooth, normally working cruise control. Tell your tech to look at the new survice bulletins for this issue has been addressed.
This problem was finally fixed by Subaru. They had to take out the computer and send it back to recallibrate it. They had the car over the Thanksgiving weekend. Gave us a rental. Now the cruise works well. Does not shut off. Does not surge on and off going downhill. As I put it , if you bought this car you'd not notice a problem with the cruise at all.
So, apparently subaru has a TSB out about this problem. I posted in that thread asking if there was a certain TSB # we could request the local tech to look up, but he hasn't replied yet.