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intake benefits question.
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Ok... so I tried to chop up my factory intake to make a shortram. Messed that up. Ruined my mass air flow sensor... learned a 300$ lesson there. But now Im thinking of how to fix this up and still get a little throttle response out of it.

My new idea: basically this... I'm gonna remove everything other than the factory air box. I'm gonna run some flexible intake tubing (about 4-6inches) from the throttle body to some exhaust piping( substantially cheaper than shiney chrome intake tubing) that will be painted white. The exhaust tubing will either lead up to a cone filter or the factory air box. Depending on which one I use will decide where I put the MAF. Also will drill holed and use some rubber hose and hose clamps to extend the breather hoses that attach to the factory intake to the new tubing. Will drill the hole just small enough so that the hose will fit in there very snug and secure and so they do not leak air

If I use the factory air box... ill probably run one PVC pipe where the "snorkus" was with a few bends in it and have it end up behind the passenger fog light.

Questions at hand: will I see any benefit using factory airbox over a cone filter? Vice versa
Will I see any benefit from continuing on from factory airbox(if used) with the PVC pipe? Also a guy at advanced auto suggested to me that the breather tubes do not need to hook up to the intake but can sit freely. Suggested that the risk that they would not be 100% sealed is not worth it and it would be fine if the just sit unconnected..
Does anyone disagree with that?

Thanks for reading and any PRODUCTIVE replies will be appreciated. I understand that the benefits of this will not be substantial but I'm hoping it'll get me o e very small step closer to reaching my goal of owning a n/a 200hp ej25 legacy (yeah.... lost of other mods to follow this up lol)
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