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Originally Posted by pillboy View Post
Lighten up, mister-perfect-I-have-never-made-a-mistake-in-my-entire-phucking -life-and-I-haven't-read-the-manufacturer's-official-literature-that-came-with-my-car.

Trust me, you are gonna phuck up your ride by yourself to the tune of a lot more dollars than the dealer is ever gonna screw you out of.
I wonder if all 3700 posts have been this peachy? I would think that a member with that kind of post count would be a tad bit more tactful in his (or her) choice of words. I hope this board is a little more friendly than this.

Dealers across the continent have a nasty reputation for padding the pockets of the employees, and thus the owners. It's the circle of life. They need to feed said pockets off the backs of it's customers. An educated customer gets what he needs. A gullible customer gets what the dealer wants to sell him. Think back to when you bought your first car from a dealer. (And every other car for that matter) If the dealer had it their way, you paid the sticker price, gave them your trade in as a gift, bought every single accessory offered at full retail, (plus install), and signed on for the highest level of extra warranty that was available. The savvy customer pitts dealers against one another, gets every rebate available, denies every full price accessory, warranty, and don't forget the refusal to pay that nasty "documentation fee".

Dealers train their sales staff to be con men. We all know it. My favorite is the "NO Haggle" dealers. Pfft. Liars.

That said. When we have trouble with our prized possession, and it gets sick and is covered under warranty, we rush back to these con artist crooks and beg them to do whatever they can in the shortest amount of time to cause our lives the least amount of inconvenience. They are happy to oblige, and often try their best, but there again sometimes stuff happens and you get set on a back burner until you suddenly become the next fire they must put out, and you become the next "Highest priority".

Ultimately, you know what works best in the long run? Stop by the service department to make your appointment for your routine service, and bring your favorite service writer a coffee and a muffin. They remember the little things, and will take that extra step to make sure you don't fall through the cracks. And try your best not to scream at them when bad things happen. Being an A$$ gets you nowhere.

It's a circle.