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 ce ander
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With gas reaching the $4 mark or even $5 mark by this summer, a subaru is not the best mpg car. But you can make it get better mpg. I commute to UC Denver Medical from C/S in 2000 GT with 200k. During summer I had old crap BF tires and pumped them up to 45-50 psi and got 32mpg. When the tires were gone I got a set of Hankook H727 tires, which have better rolling and traction, at normal psi get 30mpg at 70mph. However, I have a colleague with same car with 300k who put on Continental eco-plus tires and gets 32-35 mpg. But these tires cost around $160 more than the Hankook and have 70k warranty compared to 100k. One can hypermile, by removing as much weight, ie spare seats, tire, tools, roof rack etc. Google hypermile subaru, and get more ideas. Though subaru's don't get great mpg, they can't be beat in Colorado when it can snow any day of the year.