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The Official Legacy Wheel Fitment Thread
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This was original in the "Wheels/Tires" subforum, but I moved it here, since it'll be mainly pictures, with specs. If that was a bad decision, please delete.

Alright, so constantly, non stop, everyday, people are asking for wheels specs and fitment. "What are you lowered on?", "Did you have to pull fender?", etc. This thread is for you to post your specs, so the questions can stop being asked. So, if there is already a thread like this, make fun of me and chew me out, I couldn't care less, let's get it stickied. But if not, then swell, because this thread is needed in my opinion. Here's what you should post. If you have suggestions, please tell me, and I will edit this post.

NO CHATTING. If you have a comment or a question, PM the person. If you like their picture, click the thanks button. This is a picture thread, not chat.

If you think additional information is necessary for your case (ie: Tire brand) then put it in, that's fine.

Please make sure to post what you are lowered on. Don't be afraid to get specific.

Picture of Car (This is a MUST)

Wheel brand/model:
Wheel height/width:
Wheel offset:
Tire size:
Camber F/R:
Modified Fenders?:
Miscellaneous Suspension:

If you have a suggestion on what should be added, please PM and I'll get it into the first post.

Now, let see if this works, and helps out a lot of folks. I know I would really appreciate it personally. Hope I don't sound like an ass, just want to get this stuff out there. Now, let's see some fitments!

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