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Originally Posted by Stiletto View Post you're going to charge the buyer the price you paid in tax??!! Why?? What logical reason does that serve other than your greed??!!

Look, your Spec B is VERY nice. Top notch, for sure. But let me let you in on a little secret: you cannot charge the full purchase price of your added mods to your vehicle. I've been in this community for about a decade and most folks want to help out their fellow Subaru brethren. I've seen brand new in box items go for less than the manufacturer's/retailer's selling price, simply because they know there's a phobia of someone else putting your ball-scratchers on a "brand new" item.

In 2007, I bought my 06 WRX w/ 14k on the odometer and about $10k in mods for $18k. I just sold that car with 85k on the odo and another $15k in mods for $14,500. I think I made out like a bandit. But, guess what...I didn't charge for the mods!! Blue book value for my car in the condition she is in (excellent) and the miles on her sweet chassis put her at $15k street value!

So, unless you have done zero driving on any of those $60k worth of parts, be honest, be cool and sell your car for what it is TRULY worth. Otherwise, GLWS and have fun being berated by those that know better.

Agreed, except for the tax part.

Here in BC of Canada, you have to pay taxes even on private used car purchases. When you transfer the title, taxes will have to be paid on the value of the car before the title can be successfully changed over.