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Originally Posted by Subies4Life View Post
The forrester should have always had it's own separate dash design just like the WRX should of had.

I agree 100% it looks like shit,Honda and Nissan are doing it too it's a horrible trend that throws the whole design off.

A cable shifter manual? yuck please god no,how is it holding up in the new Legacy? probably not as much or as near as the better STI 6 speed that was in the last gen car. The last gen 6 speed was soo much better.

Sorry but you cant say outdoorsy and cvt in the same sentence. The last generation and the generation before that were better equipped,and more rugged than the current ugly Outback which is more or less a softroader wanna be crossover now.

The 05-09 Legacy dash design was beautiful and high quality i wish Subaru would have gone with the same shape for the new one but the current Legacy is a huge downgrade in materials and craftmanship.
Another rant. Subaru is moving the mirrors in their quest for better mpgs. Have you sat in a 2012 Impreza? The A pillars are thinner and the improvement in forward visibility is really noticeable.

The cable operated shifter seems to be holding up just fine... especially since the GT is more powerful than the last generation. The transmission is based off an updated version of the one found in the BL. Many, many vehicles use cable operated shifters. Honda has used them forever and they are one of the brands always praised for their manual transmissions. The only Legacy with the 6 speed was the spec.B and that was only for 2007-2009. That transmission is heavy and way too expensive for 2.5i duty. Since there isn't a spec.B... no STI six speed for the GT. At least it isn't saddled with a 5 speed and spin at 3,000 RPM at 75 MPH like your car.

The CVT in the Outback performs better than the 4EAT in the previous generation and it gets better MPG. There are plenty of online videos of the +2010 Outback doing offroad duty.

The only downgrade in the +2010 plus Legacy is the lack of a soft touch dash... and it's grained exactly the same as the soft touch material on the door which is way softer than what was in the BL. Every other material has been uprated. The fake aluminum trim has texture to it and doesn't flake like in the BL. The wood doesn't wear down like in the BL.

You have your negative opinions, but it's obvious that you aren't willing to see fact or reason. Having owned a BL and now owning a GR and BM, it's easy to see how comments like yours are based in Internet ire and nothing more.