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Wanted to lower the front of the Spec.B very slightly. See this thread:

So, I ended up doing this last night.

First, attempted with struts on the car - I've had other cars with enough space to unseat the spring with spring compressors. No dice, not even close to possible.

Pulled the struts and went at it with spring compressors and impact wrench. These springs have a huge amount of preload when mounted and it is a fairly short travel strut, so very tricky to work with. Scuffed up the struts a bit getting them off.

Looked at the springs. There seems to be about 3/4 of a coil at the bottom that has a bit of a flatter angle to it to seat on the strut. This is all fully compressed and then some when mounted. I measured 6" around the outside, this was a 1/4 coil, cut this off with a large cuttoff wheel, and rounded smooth. Applied black paint.

It was quite difficult getting the springs back on with two normal spring compressors. When you catch two coils, the compressors interfere with the either the top perches or lower perches. Springs took about 3" of compression and several tries to get mounted and the top hats on straight.

Still need to do an alignment this afternoon but I drove it a bit and let it settle. The difference is extremely subtle, about 1/4", maybe 3/8" lower. Wheel gaps are closer to even F/R. No noticeable change in ride.

Works for me!

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