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ok so i read the flow link again(in its entirity) and found this comment
"but its huge and flows awesome and for most of this site running a 68mm compressor (16g/18g/20g/hta68) this thing will do nothing but induce crap tons of lag. Which i find funny because its a stock location up pipe so huge turbos that fit it are few and far between.

Same thing with headers... invidia makes some huge headers that flow awesome but unless you're running at-least a 35r derivative... its pointless. "

and being that i have the bnr 16g and this staement saying its not a large turbo bigger, better and more flow may not help or achieve any thing.

im not trying to achieve the MOST out of this car, but rather was just trying to get the catted up pipe out of the vehicle as advise don this forum.

I was going to ask too, heat shields, dp and up pipes:
do they have to be put back on?
does it hurt anything to leave them off?
ive read some stuff on modifing them but no clear yes and nos to the heat shields