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Originally Posted by Sublimejoe View Post
I am about to pull the trigger on some coilovers for my car. My question is, do I order Legacy coilovers or Outback specific ones?

My gut instinct tells me to buy Legacy ones because my car is already on Legacy suspension, but can someone just give me a touch of a push? It seems to me that if I put Legacy specific coilovers on I would be able to go lower than I would with Outback ones.
I don't know of any Legacy coilovers that keep the car at stock height, so any Legacy coilovers will really lower the Outback.

If you want it to look like the suspension has collapsed, then this is the route to go. If you want to keep the stock height or drop it an inch or two, then the Outback coilovers is a better bet.

IMO, a stock Outback looks raised. An Outback on Outback coilovers dropped by an inch or so looks much better. An Outback on anything made for the Legacy usually ends up looking like something went horribly wrong.