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Originally Posted by BarManBean View Post
A lot of folks here seem to be asking the same questions, but in the wrong way. Questions seem to include bashing of the '05 model year, bashing of stock turbos, oil lines, blah blah blah, but all are asking what to do to increase reliability of the LGT drivetrain+.

I'm interested in putting together a list of "reliability modifications" for LGTs. I'll start off, please chime in and I'll change the original post to reflect input.

  1. Remove cat from up pipe, if necessary (05/06 model years included cat in up pipe)
    • Any up pipe that fits an 02-11 WRX/STI will fit you 05-09 LGT
  2. Install upgraded oil lines (Infamous products recommended by many)
  3. KillerB oil pickup to prevent starvation
  4. Check/top off oil on every fill up. (yes, this is a 'mod'. if you don't do this you won't get much sympathy when your turbo dies due to oil starvation. these engines eat oil, get used to it)
  5. For those with automatic transmissions, drain/refill transmission fluid every 15k miles...seriously, it costs $4 for the proper bit and $30 for the fluid every 15k miles, not that big a deal. do it.
  6. Let your engine/oil/other fluids warm up before you race a civic. for rationale please see notes from #4. it's a mod, don't be a 'tard.
  7. ...
let the fun begin.
I lol'd at this.