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which then brought us to the final product...

amp rack as it is now, done and fully in place with everything attached to it. i'll have to exchange out one wire (want rid of a 9 conducter i am not taking advantage of, and one other speaker wire added on for the second sub)

in car...

next up i've been working on my a pillars...

the speaker rings themselves were a royal pain in the ass... i've got a router tool that helped but was still a pain in the butt.

other then all that i'm running a test box under my legs (right in front of the front seats) that house the 6.5" speakers to see if i like them there. if so i'll glass up something with them. they sound damn good where they are but they're not the most comfortable options right now. i don't want to tear up my door panels making some bastard child of glass and plastic or i'd have done that already. i also hate kicks so i really don't want to do that either... i'm out of ideas there.

next thing i'm going to do is glass the a pillars this weekend and then body fill sometime soon after... i'll then send them to a shop in town that'll dye match my interior and cover them to look factory. fingers crossed that turns out well... after that i'll focus on whatever i'm going to cover my amp rack with... i have a few ideas but i need it to support weight and then also cover everything. not looking to show, looking to hide...