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A build thread to mix things up around here....
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build thread...

this is hopefully my end all build to keep me plenty happy. i know the components themselves have made me happy with how clear they are with the ability to pack a good mid bass punch.

so gear list...

eclipse avn 5495 navi unit
audison bitone processor
audison lrx 1.400 (2)
audison lrx 2.250
audison lrx 4.300
focal k2 gear krx3 3 way component set
image dynamics idmax 12 dual 4 ohm (2) version 2 subs
optima yellow top (main under hood)
stinger 1500 amp dual post (rear/secondary)
stinger cage fans (2)
stinger distribution blocks, wire, signal cables blah blah blah

alright first up some photos of the gear... some already in my car, and the four channel amp i picked up used later down the line.

now when i went to install this in the legacy i ran into a few issues. first up the 6.5 mid does NOT fit in the front door. its magnet is too damn big. if you use a 3/4" spacer it'll still hit the window when it comes down. you've gotta bump to a 1 1/4" spacer, which will give you an 1/8th inch behind the magnet to clear for glass. problem still is now that the speaker itself hits the door panel lol. so i temped them up in the rear doors to just get by. then i used the focal pods until i could go ahead with picking up some extra a pillars and tear them up instead of my originals.


now the way these things work is you can run a 4 channel amp to the two inputs on the cross over to biamp them and drive all 6 speakers. however i swapped plans. my 2 channel runs my 6.5's and my 4 channel runs my 3 and 1 inch pairs.

next up started laying out how i wanted my amps (while some where connected lol) which became a cluster of crap and looked terrible but was enough to get the basics down and let me know what i needed to draw up a plan. which i handed to a friend of mine who has tig welding skills and access to a high end mig welder that turns on and off stupid fast to weld aluminum.

amp lay out

sub lay out

(other sub same on the other side)

next came the amp rack itself...

which wasn't done... but was enough for us to test fit and do trimming where needed and adjustments on the rails (were off)

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