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first time ever doing front brake pads...looking back, i was entirely too noobish to do the job based on my troubleshooting techniques. I was doing the fronts, and found a walkthrough on this site. i did the drivers side with no problems one night after i got home from work, and finished it with no issues (besides trying to slide up the rusty caliper). The pistons were easily able to be drawn in on the drivers side...I got up at the crack of dawn to do the passenger side before heading into work. getting to the pads on this side was a breeze, and literallty took a third of the time because i was familiar from doing the other side the day before. the pistons on this side would not press in no matter what. so being the noob i am, i thought maybe pumping the brakes would help get it back in...instead, it forced the pistons way too far out due to the pressure, and when i tried pushing them in again, i got a brake fluid facial. not a good way to start the day. luckily a shop down the road was able to tow me and replace it and i was only out of a ride for the day. i did get a relaxing day off work though!