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RalliTek Swaybar Trouble
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So, does anyone have an answer for me? I put my RalliTek swaybars on my car about a month ago, and ever since I was getting a bit of a light clunk from the right rear when going over an undulating road surface. Today, since it's gotten louder, I finally tracked it down to being where the pin goes through the end of the swaybar. The whole in the swaybar simply leaves play, and so the pin thunks back and forth on the hole and makes a solid thunking noise inside the car. Am I missing something? I would think the hole was simply supposed to be the same size as the pin, but it isn't, it's larger (I used all the hardware and the new endlinks that came with the swaybar.) Should there be some sort of additional sleeve on the pin? Or could it be a manufacturing defect? I'm not sure how it's "supposed" to be set up other than compared with what came off my car. In fact, when I first installed it, I just tightened everything really tight, and only learned after it started squeaking that they are supposed to be a bit more than hand tight - so this is all a learning process for me.
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