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Transitioning to a Subie...
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I write this with a heavy heart...

I currently have a 2008 VW R32 with a United Motorsports ECU/DSG combo tune. It's absolutely amazing. #1057/5000

I also currently have a girlfriend/soon to be fiance that wants to get a place and do all that relational crap that costs too much money.

Budgets have to be made and sacrifices need to happen. It seems my sacrifice is going to be my .:R. I'm in the market to replace it with something that will give me cheaper payments, cheaper insurance, and better gas mileage that isn't a completely different beast than the R. The one thing I consistently find is that my best bet *could be* the 2.5GT. The leather, AWD, fantastic engine.....just missing the heated seats.

I'll admit to being a Volkswagen fanboy. The .:R sold me on it hard. I think I could be sold on the LGT if its as good as everyone says, I just need some reassurances...

Is there a certain mileage that should be avoided when purchasing used?

What are the typical trouble signs to look for when test driving?

Any major maintenance or recalls?

Any model years that should be looked at or avoided? (I'm currently looking at an '05 with 37k mi, an '06 with 53k mi, and an '08 with 63k mi)

Looking through these threads, you guys seem like a great bunch and I'm really hoping for some reassurance to soften the blow of giving up what amounts to a realistic dream car of mine (granted I'm only 25 and haven't been able to accumulate the purchasing power necessary to drop on an M3). Its just really hard to give up a car as unique and special as the .:R.
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