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Window Pads

Original thread written by DTSJR. Link here.

I want to start off by saying that this is not a fix for the infamous window scratches. Over time the windows can still scratch. This is just a band aid for the problem. If probably maintained, you can prevent further scratching.

Is this how your windows look?

If you want to replace the pads, it will cost you $70 or more to do so. Heres how I repaired mine for a lot less.
Tools needed:
Flathead and Philips head screw driver
10mm socket/wrench
Exacto knife
Materials need:
Faux fur
Super glue

Step 1:
First start by removing the door pannel. If you dont know how, in the image below, the yellow dots have screws behind plastic inserts, and the purple dots pop out. Once you have the pannel unscrewed and poped off, you have to pop off a small plastic peice that by the mirror. Then just lift the pannel up, and it should come off. You can leave the wires for the switches plugged in, and just let the pannel hang.

Step 2:
Once the pannel is off you will see the two inside pads and their brackets. There is one 10mm bolt you have to take out to remove the bracket, and then slide the pad out.

Step 3:
Now that the inside pads are out you have room to move the window to get to the outside pads. I have been told there are two inside and two outside pads, but there are actually three outside pads. On the sides of the pads are tabs that have to be pushed in to remove the pads. You have to slide your fingers between the window and the door to push the tabs in. The pads might be hard to remove, so a little pry from a flat head screw driver will help. It also helps to take off the weather stripping on the side of the door to get to one of the pads.

If you have fat fingers:
If you have trouble getting to the tabs to push them in you can remove the black strip along the top of the door. Remove the screw from the end of the strip. Then you have to pull up carefully on the strip to get the white tabs to pop off the door. I was able to get a few to pop off, but I didnt use much force so I wouldnt break them.

Now that you have one pad completly glued, it should look something like this:

Now just do the rest of the pads the same way. Ten pads in total. Shouldnt take too long once you get the hang of it all.

Here are the driver's side pads before:

Here are the driver's side pads after:

Step 7:
Installation is the reverse of the removal.

Pictures of the pads installed:

Total cost: $5. $3 for the fur, $2 for a pack of super glue.
I recommend that once in a while you take out the pads to clean them. Or if the pads wear down (hopefully not too quickly), you will have plenty of extra fur to redo them.

I hope this helps some people. Since this isnt really a fix, just a cheap alternative I would like to find a fix. So keep an eye out if I do...

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