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Step 11 -

Now its time to start greasing everything up. The grease will help your brakes move more freely, and it will cut down on brake noise as well. When you buy your brake pads, you can ask the parts guy for "caliper grease". He will know just what you need. The following lube points are the automotive industry standard :

Catch the machine brakcets where the pads rub along them with lube. Both top and bottom.

Get both slider pins we talked about earlier

Get the caliper pistons

And get the front inside part of the caliper that rubs against the outside pad.

Step 12 -

Now you start putting everything back together. If you're replacing the rotor, sure you spray it down with brake parts cleaner to remove all the oils from it.

Put the rotor on

Put the machine bracket on

Put the pads in

Put the caliper on

Put the wheel on

Lower the car

Torque the lugnuts.


BEFORE YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR YOU HAVE TO PUMP UP THE BRAKE PEDAL. Since you pushed back the caliper pistons, you are going to have to pump the brake pedal several times in order to get the pads to meet the rotor. Don't forget to do this or else you won't be able to stop your car. Just pump the brake several times until it gets stiff and you will be good to go.

There are a few minor differences for the rear, but if you understand how to do your front brakes the rears will be EASY to figure out.

In the guide above, I removed a bottom bolt from the caliper, the rear you have to take off the top bolt. To replace the caliper, just undo the brake line and put the new caliper on...Pretty easy.

As far as the parking brake shoes, try adjusting them first. You can do so by an adjuster wheel inside the assembely of it.

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