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Few Easy Questions: Coolant loss, turbo sounds, etc. Thanks
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Installed New turbo. Before installing, I filled black resovoir w/ orange cap w/ coolant. At this time, my coolant overflow was at near FULL. I put on about 200 miles and noticed my coolant overflow was below LOW. I have not noticed ANY leaks?

Some things I will note on is that when I filled up my black coolant resovoir, I did spill some onto my turbo, thus creating white sweet smelling smoke when operating vehicle (from turbo). The coolant burned off, and white smoke is no longer present, but when I am driving it still smells like warm coolant inside vehicle, especially when my heater is on. Now I am not sure if I am still smelling the burning coolant on my turbo or not. My vehicle has been gutted of all cats so it has always smelled a bit on the dirty side.

Diagnosing: I let my vehicle cool down for a few hours and made a pencil mark to where my coolant is on my overflow. I will be commuting about 150 miles tomarrow, as everyday so I will be sure to check to see where it is at at the end of the night. I will see if any leaks are present, in which I have not seen any. If it is low, my first option is to replace cap? Than, if that didn't work, get pressure test? My coolant lines feel warm, and had good amount of pressure in them btw. Also there was NO white smoke coming from my exhaust.

Turbo: I must say that, when i re installed my BNR 16 rebuilt turbo, it is definately more quiet. Anyone know why this is? Or, is it just "breaking in." I don't have the lovely sounding whistling noise when it spools. It's almost like there's not evan one on there.

Boosting, the original owner boosted this to 15. How did he do this? Is this done on the Computer of the vehicle. The vehicle was not dyno'd, no e-tune. Is there a way to manually change the boost level on the BNR turbo itself?

Tranny Cooler: This was isntalled by the previous owner. All I know is that one was installed. not sure where it's at, or what kind of fluid it holds

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