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Gauging Interest: DIY 5EAT built rebuild kits
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Gauging Interest: Hexagram Modiciations 5EAT Race Clutch Packs.

So it looks like I'm going to be getting into the transmission rebuild business, as a lot of my customers are trying to figure out what to eventually do, as NO automatic transmission can last forever.

I've arrived at the idea of selling the 3 main clutch pack drums in bolt-on format. They would be machined to hold more steels and frictions than stock, and would be precisely toleranced (the most important thing). They would arrive at your door still wet with fresh pre-soak ATF.

1) Unbolt and remove the transmission from the car yourself (saving you a huge heap of money), or have your mechanic / shop remove it.
2) Unbolt and remove front differential housing from main transmission case.
3) Pull off front main transmission case plate. From there, ALL the main 5EAT clutch pack drums can be pulled right out.
4) Place the new prepared / "built" drums in your case in reverse order. They literally stack one on top of the other.
5) Confirm the transmission lid tolerance, then bolt it back on and reverse order reinstall.
6) Add back ATF and Diff fluid.
7) Enjoy.

Of course it's more complicated than that, but this is the best--and only--way I have found that solves the major problem almost every rebuild come-back is due to: clutch pack tolerances.

This could save the DIY'er thousands of dollars, and the clutch packs would be a superior product to stock (for those modified engine folks who like the idea of more layers of clutch pack).

The key to this would be the installer having an accute attention to detail, as all instructions would be included, and would need to be followed to the letter. Trust me, you do NOT want to cowboy this kind of work.

That said, this is a new opportunity, and I would like to see who would be interested in doing this.

(No this is not going to distract from the 08 VB development). It would be a parallel, as a VB is no use without good clutch packs, and many have expressed concern (05-09) that their 5EATs are closer to the end than the beginning. And vise versa, clutch packs are useless without a proper valve body to clamp them tight.

EDIT: ACME Penultimate and Pinnacle 5EAT Rebuild Kits now will this need. Please PM me or KoukiS14 for details.

Front Limited Slip Racing Differentials for the 5EAT now available for $1895 shipped, please inquire for details!

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