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Ugh...I get enough sun in this stupid state. I'm moving to Scotland haha

Yep and yep. They crush them and scrap the metal bits.

Nah, I pay for everything. I like my junk yard and Rhonda sells me
stuff cheap a lot of the time. Like a hydraulic tensioner that would
be $90 new she'll sell me for $1.

Why not? It's 4 bolts and a seatbelt bolt per side. You use a set of seats til they wear out and then onto the next set. That way you always have seats that are comfortable and hold you well. Who knows...maybe someday I'll get some of those STi seats with the Alacantara. Mmmmmm

Or even better...the JDM ones. They hold you in better because the side boltsters are more narrow

Maybe after I sell my RS and get some money I'll be able to get some of those
and some new struts and stuff for the Legacy