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Legacy BP5 2.0R - Good results on dyno! - down on page 3
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Hi! I'm Jeroen from the Netherlands.

I used this forum a lot the last couple of months and it helped me a lot customizing my car to my liking, so I' thought it would be nice to introduce myself and my Legacy here.

I've been driving my 2007 Legacy 2.0R Touring Wagon for almost a year now.
It's not fast, but I really love it. The previous owner installed some stuff I don't like (bumper protectors, tow hook), so I'm trying to give the car less "age 50+" looks. Since I'm a big Japan fan I like to upgrade my car as JDM as possible. Luckily this European model has the same specs as the JDM 2.0R. It even looks exactly the same except for the rear bumper. (JDM bumper is shorter = nice!)


The day after I got it:

Not lowered yet:

Shot today:

I'm leaving the engine as it is, because it's a very young car and I won't get much power out of it. Besides...I'm using it for every day driving, hollidays, etc.

Upgrades so far:
-Apexi High Flow air filter (panel)
-Pilot Pro Line 6000K HID kit installed.
-Pilot LED parking lights matching the HID(I believe you call them that way)
-yellow/gold halogen fog light bulps
-debatched trunk lid
-removed tow hook (just the hook...two bolts and it's on/off)
-new Subaru emblem on trunk...the chrome inside the old one was weathered.
-eBay JDM mesh grille (painted) installed
-OEM 17" 2009 Impreza rims with the Potenza's RE050A swapped on them.
-OEM 17" rims equiped with 215/45R17 Falken HS-439 Eurowinter tires.
-Black aftermarket parking sensors swapped for a kit that matches my paint.
-HKS Silent Hi-Power axleback mufflers installed

Wanna hear 'em?
Right after install:
iPhone tie-wrapped underneath rear bumper:

Recently I'm upgrading my suspension.
Tried the Tein H-Tech for the LGT, but my engine is too light. It's about 350lb lighter! I really underestimated the engine weight having influence on the drop.
The back dropped perfectly, but the front didn't move a bit.
Last Thursday I swapped the front Teins for H&R, but still too little drop (about half an inch now)...I'll wait some more before allowing unhappiness into my life. If it drops just half an inch more the car sits even.

This is how she sat on Tein H-Tech:

This is how she sits now on Tein H-Tech rear / H&R front: (bad quality picture)

I'm installing a Whiteline 20mm adjustable rear sway bar this week. (Not JDM, but good stuff it's sold here, so...)
A Cusco front strut brace is on its way from Japan.

Last week I received a USDM Legacy GT grille. It's not a 100% fit, but good enough for me. I'm modding that into a STI grille soon.

If you want to see more you can visit my "Subaru Club Netherlands" introduction topic. You won't be able to read it (dutch), but there's a lot of pics of my 'projects':

Well, that's about it for now...thanks for coming this far.



I'm no expert at English, so forgive me for making a mistake or using stupid words now and then. I'll do my best.

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