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Originally Posted by ChasWG View Post
You know, you are the first to ask that question Corpse. And I never talked about anything but the actual rings themself.

The kit comes with a wiring harness, control box that is part of the harness, a IR eye that is also wired into the harness and box and a remote control. The remote has the On/Off switch on it, so I can choose to not run with any AEs if I want. But it also has 16 buttons for the colors and then 4 more buttons that make the Bling Bling happen. Strobe, Flash, Fade and Smooth. And then it has two buttons that dim the light output up and down.

I placed the IR port between the far left edge of the black dash and where it touches the door seal, strip. It was easy to tuck that back behind there once the lower panel and side fuse panel were out of the way.

I passed the main waring harness from the engine bay into the interior of the car by popping out a large oval grommet that is located behind the engine and to the left side on the fire way. Take that out and push the sound deadening matterial out of the way and you are in from the engine bay. I made a small notch on the back side of the rubber, oval grommet so as to pass the one wire from the lights into passenger cabin.
So could you wire the lights to flash one side red / other side blue repeatedly? Might come in handy if you're in a hurry.

It would be sick if you could turn the reds on once you park and turn off your car. Something like engine shuts off --> lights turn on --> stay lit for X seconds --> turn off by slowly fading away... That would get quite a few inquisitive looks at the local supermarket.

Or maybe wire them to the door locks so you unlock the door and the reds turn on for a second or two, then fade away. Sort of like "waking up the beast."