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Thanks guys,

I have a majority of the parts already in the garage but still need a few more pieces for it to be complete.

Part of me wants to go crazy and do new paint since I'll literally have the whole car stripped down anyways but at this point I can't afford any more unnecessary expenses

I still need to snag the critical Baja Turbo hood and have it painted along with my front bumper. I do still have a CF Rev D hood I could use in a pinch but that would be kind of a band aid since I don't want to install hood pins.

I will also need to get a fuel pump up to the task. Deciding between the walbro, DW300 or Aeromotive. Will likely not get the walbro even though it would be the cheapest route.

The wiring is still a little of an unknown. I have been over the wiring diagrams and they are extremely similar, a majority of the components should just be plug and play which is what I want. The main fuse box in the engine bay may be slightly different so I am going to look at that and order it if that is the case. I essentially have otherwise ordered a full brand new 2004 Baja harness: Front harness, bulkhead harness, rear harness. I may have missed the most important one which is the fuel tank harness. The fuel pump controller is all I really am concerned about for the rear so if there is an easy and clean way to just install the FPC without all the new wiring I will go that route.

I originally had planned to just use all OEM stereo but after there wasn't really a cheap option for replacing my stock speakers I bought some Polk DB's. I also have a single Polk Momo MM100 lying around in my garage from back in the day when I used to have 4 in the trunk So I'll be making a spare tire sub enclosure to keep it stealth and so I still have my full trunk and installing a small sub amp under the passenger seat.

I just ordered some replacement door panels from a salvage yard, so my interior will be able to look nice again. I got the leather ones to go with my leather seats I put on way back in the day. If I save a bit more I may put in a full 2011 Sti seat setup but I need to take more measurements and decide if I want to mess with bracket fabrication.

Speaking of fabrication, I'm probably most excited to fabricated the new exhaust. Like I said I'll have to run the stock DP for now but I'll be making a 3" stainless steel setup with a large Magnaflow muffler and use a stock STi tip to keep it OEM looking. My goal is to have it fire on the first try and I can't wait to hear it. I got as big of a muffler as possible because I want it nice and mellow and deep.