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I'm confident in my skills, I just haven't been able to find parts numbers for the internals. I'd like to gut the diff completely if that would be cheaper then buying new.
I was informed that the clutch was done at a dealership near 20,000 miles ago. I havnt had time to stop by the local one and check the records yet. If it went bad that quickly i may get them to source me stock parts.

The WRX clutch is for an 07, i can pick that up for the 200, and most likely a flywheel for 300 ontop of that. I dont see any problems with this option unless there is some subtle difference I'm missing.

Junk yard parts are hard to come by up here for these cars and i have to pay crazy shipping charges on them. I'd rather buy new internals and do it right myself then have some dealership work on my things.

The cheap/performance are 2 different roads and i understand that, I'm just checking both options. I've checked the transmission forums and PROBABLY should have posted this in there but I spaced that out while trolling in the model forums.

Personally, I got a 07+ LGT single mass flywheel and clutch kit for ~650ish from fred beans parts.
Hows that one treating you, I've usually gone with sachs in the past for most of my trucks and cars, I put an exeddy in my last LGT and it was pretty good mated to a refinished stock FW.