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TMIC Evaporator coil
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Im not sure if there are any other HVAC guys on the forum but i had this idea the other day on a roof of a building while i was working...maybe it was the sun cooking my brain...but... To make it simple, your condensing unit outside does exactly what its called; it condenses refrigerant thats in a vapor form, to liquid. To do so it has to take away heat; the more heat it takes away, the better. On the evaporator side (usually if not always in your airhandler), it does the total opposite. Right before that is a metering device which takes the liquid (that was condensed at...the condensor), and only lets out a certain amount (kind-of like a fuel injector, turning it into a mist/vapor). At 15.25 PSI, the most commonly used refrigerant r22, has a boiling point of..-40; so this vapor is now sent through the evaporator where your air-handler, containing a fan, heats up the refrigerant (which in turn is where you get all that cold air from), and turns it back into a gas for the compressor to bring the pressure up again for the condenser.

okay after that HVAC-101 lesson, heres my idea...

It would basically be the same rig, but where the evaporator would be, the TMIC. the amount of heat thats created from the engine alone would heat it up enough to keep the cycle going, and in turn chill the air going to the turbo. I have the idea for everything drawn out (horribly..see attached), but the only place where i ran into a roadblock is in regards to the could i possibly get it so that copper lines would be able to gather enough heat from the air traveling through? One idea i had was to mount a thin enough coil over the TMIC (which is a coil basically), and an electric fan above that. To control it all and have it somewhat automated, a thermostat mounted in the outlet of the IC that would close a normally open switch, energize a contactor, which would in turn power the compressor, and step down the voltage for the electric fan; when its satisfied, it would shut off on its own; on a time delay to avoid cycling. For the lines running in between everything, instead of using copper, there are flexible lines that i can use that will never leak and also will make it easier to mount the whole thing, the only copper would be at the evaporator/TMIC, condensor, and compressor.

So, any ideas on how pipe, copper lines through the fins of the IC so that its cools the whole block?

**excuse the very crude drawing..**
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